Unleash the Power of Self-Love

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.”

 ~ Aberjhani

You may have heard the phrase “you need to love yourself” countless times, but what does that truly mean? Is it about indulging in comforting treats or buying yourself new clothes? Is it simply doing whatever you desire? While these acts can bring temporary happiness, loving yourself goes far beyond that. It means treating yourself with the utmost care and compassion, just as a loving parent would with their child.

Even as adults, we all have an Inner Child within us – a part of us that experiences emotions like a young child does. These emotions never grow older or mature, but we have the power to grow and evolve ourselves. We can learn to respect and embrace these emotions, to care for our Inner Child.

But when we are unaware of our Inner Child, we navigate the adult world with the fear and confusion of a young child. We feel alone, overwhelmed by the harsh realities of life, unsure of how to ask for help or protect ourselves. Surviving as a child in a grown-up world is incredibly challenging. We find ourselves constantly fearful, doubtful, and exhausted. This is because no one is tending to our Little Child inside.

Imagine if you had a little four-year-old version of yourself named Charlotte. As a responsible adult, you dedicate your time and energy to taking care of others, leaving little attention for young Charlotte. She feels overlooked and neglected, resulting in tears and temper tantrums. You may not realize it, but your anger and frustration actually stem from your Inner Child. She’s hurt and angry because you don’t prioritize her. It’s as if she doesn’t exist. And there is nothing more disheartening than feeling invisible, as if you don’t matter.

How many times have you ignored your own feelings to please someone else? How often have you silenced your Inner Child, telling her that she’s not important? It’s a painful cycle that we perpetuate when we prioritize others over ourselves. Eventually, your little Charlotte will give up, feeling unloved and unworthy. She may become depressed, and you may mistakenly attribute it to external factors, like work or relationships.

It’s not anyone’s fault, but it is your responsibility to care for your Inner Child, to heal her wounds. You must develop an Inner Mother, a source of loving nurturing energy. If you were fortunate to have a caring mother, use her as an example. If not, invent and create your own Inner Mother. Whenever you experience emotions, let your Inner Mother ask your Inner Child what happened, what she needs. Validate her feelings by saying, “I understand, my darling. Come here, in your Mother’s arms. I love you as you are.”

By doing this, the weight of your emotions will begin to lift. Embrace these powerful words: “I understand, my darling, I love you.” Sit with these feelings for a while, then ask your Inner Child, “What do you need?” Whatever her answer, assure her that you’ll involve your Inner Father.

Your Inner Father is the protector and doer in the outside world. Just as you wouldn’t send a four-year-old to handle adult affairs, you shouldn’t expect your Inner Child to. Let your Inner Father take the lead in managing the practical aspects of life. This masculine energy within you enables you to make decisions, take action, and manifest your Inner Child’s desires in the world.

When your Inner Child needs to make a call or resolve a matter outside, visualize her staying at home with her Mother, while your Inner Father steps out to handle the task. This division of roles ensures that your Inner Child’s feelings are cared for while your Inner Father handles the external challenges. Remember, your Inner Child, Mother, and Father are all part of you. They are your Inner Family, supporting you every step of the way.

Loving yourself means listening to your Inner Child, respecting her emotions, understanding her needs, and taking action in the right direction. It’s about creating a strong inner connection, your own Trinity.

From now on, you’ll never be alone. You are loved, protected, and guided by your Inner Family. Open your eyes every morning, go to bed every night, and face every emotion with this dialogue. Embrace the inner healing that comes from giving your Inner Child the attention and love she has longed for.