12 Ways To Cut Down Your Plastic Footprint

“Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest.”

~ Charles Moore

By taking major steps to reduce plastic pollution from production to consumption, we can ensure a vibrant future for our oceans. Imagine a world where plastic pollution is a thing of the past, where trash islands are replaced by pristine waters teeming with life. With every choice we make to reduce single-use plastic and embrace eco-friendly alternatives, we contribute to a healthier planet. Let’s protect our ecosystems, safeguard marine creatures, and secure our very own livelihoods. Together, we can create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Here are some ways I’ve learned to break up my relationship with plastic and you can too to help not only your own health but also the health of our planet:

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles

Get yourself a stainless steel or glass reusable bottle. Both are infinitely recyclable.

Pack “To Go” Containers

Bring your own reusable and biodegradable containers and utensils to restaurants. Leave a clean set in your vehicle ready for your next chow down.

Buy In Bulk

Bring your own containers and bags (cloth or canvas is best). Not only is packaging a major source of disposable plastic but you pay an extra 30 percent for food packaging that you only use once that never biodegrades.

Replace Your Plastic Toothbrush

Choose eco-friendly and biodegradable ones with bamboo handles, which are antibacterial by nature and are a fast growing plant. Even sustainable toothbrushes are still made with plastic bristles. Brush with Bamboo has managed to minimize their plastic bristles to 38 percent. The other 62 percent are Castor Bean Oil. You can also opt for non-vegan bristles made with pig hair.

Buy Toothpaste In A Jar

Best of all, why not make your own toothpaste!

Use Glass Or Ceramic Containers For Food Storage

Cook Food At Home

It’s more nutritious and delicious and when you pack your lunch, you will be protecting not only the environment but saving a lot of money!

Stop Using Plastic Straws

These take years to break down. Switch to stainless steel straws or better yet, why not try using a very advanced piece of technology… your mouth!

Switch To Loose Tea Or Biodegradable Tea Bags

Many tea bags are made with a fine plastic mesh.

Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

You can simply wash and re-use it. Did you know that coffee cups are lined with plastic that can’t be recycled without special machines to separate them from the cup?

Stop Using Plastic Wrap To Cover Your Food

Use beeswax or soy wax food paper, which are reusable and also biodegradable. You can also use plates or glass lids.

Replace Shiny Plastic Gift Wrap

Use recycled paper, newspapers or cloth for wrapping presents instead.

As we explore a plastic-free lifestyle, we may realize that not all the changes enabled by plastic have been positive. Without plastic packaging and devices, our schedules may become less frantic, allowing for a slower, more mindful way of living.

Embrace the shift, and discover a better, healthier way forward.